Top 5 Strategies To Increase Social Media Engagements.

Top 5 Strategies To Increase Social Media Engagements.

How To Increase Social Media Engagements?

Facebook, Instagram, Tik-Tok, and Linked-In are the most used Social Media platforms in which more than millions of users are active in a single day sharing each other's daily activity and their likeness. With millions of users getting active on a daily basis then it’ll be easy for the small business to get more conversion rate using those social media platforms.

With the growth of many small scale businesses the usage of Social Media is also increasing in order to get more engagements and more conversions. There are many businesses which get profits and more user engagements because of the proper Social Media Strategies. But, with the lack of proper Strategy it gets more difficult for those businesses to meet the targets and eventually they get collapsed.

So, here in this blog we are going to explain some of the best strategies which help you to get more conversions and more engagements for your business with the proper use of those strategies.

  1. Ask

  2. Expression

  3. Incentive

  4. Offer

  5. Utility



Asking a question is the most effective method to engage someone. "How are you?" and "How's everything going?" are common conversion phrases, but they're too mundane for social media combat.

"Can you tell me your name?" "What's your email?" is unlikely to succeed, and "What's your email?" may come across as overbearing. What about...

"How do you feel?" Yes! That's a good one.

People enjoy deliberating over issues. They are interested in hearing from different thinkers. They obviously want others to know what they believe.

Use one of the following: "What do you think?" tactics to get your audience's attention:

  • Examine their character: Post a question that allows people to share their thoughts or provide feedback on a topic.

  • Play the game "test your knowledge." It's impossible to resist.

  • Create a poll: Creating polls on Twitter and Facebook is simple. You stand to discover valuable information about your fans in addition to engaging them.



The convergence of social and mobile, transforming the omnipresent smartphone into a personal expression mechanism

It makes no difference how you develop content. It's possible that the camera is facing forward or backward. It's possible that the audio is turned on or off. Filters, emojis, stickers, and other add-ons can be used or not. Permanent or self-destructing posts are both possible. I could go on, but I think you get the idea. People use smartphone apps to express themselves in a variety of ways, and they do so.

Here are some ideas for getting your audience to generate content with your brand:

  • Let's talk about it. The hashtag has become the click-to-connect ticket for bonding with like-minded people. When you put something of interest out there, do a little hashtag research first, or hash out a unique phrase that reflects your brand. Hit that # key, and invite your followers to jump in and hashtag content related.


  • Conduct media upload contests. Many social media fans adore Instagram and Facebook contests, and are especially engaged in the types that involve shooting and sharing original photos and videos. Contests may call for other forms of self-expression as well, such as recipes, recordings, illustrations, poems, essays, and more.


  • Rally reviewers. Thanks to pioneers like Amazon and Yelp, reviews, ratings, and testimonials have been baked into the fabric of ecommerce selling spaces and beyond.


I've mentioned a few different types of interactive material (like competitions), but I've yet to mention the term "gamification." People enjoy competing, keeping score, and, most importantly, winning at games. They enjoy doing so on social media in particular.

Incorporate attractive rewards into your social media contests to satisfy the competitive spirit of your audience. When it comes to incentives, the most valued prizes are the most appealing, but you might be amazed at how even tiny rewards can entice people.

Take a look at this example from Converse, which is part of an article that includes 37 Facebook contest ideas to encourage people to connect with your brand.


It's not necessary for your engagement approach to be interactive or gamified all of the time. Customers and prospects can be enticed to engage with your company the old-fashioned manner, with appealing offers like:


  • Coupons and savings are available immediately.

  • Clubs for members (example below)

  • Select your promotional discounts.

  • Shipping is free.

It's simple to promote deals on Facebook. The "offer ad" is a variation of the Facebook ad portfolio. Offer ads can be redeemed online or stored for redemption in-store by Facebook fans.

The following are some best practices from Facebook's help page:

  • Make the reductions significant: Offers offering free items or discounts of at least 20% will reach a larger audience.

  • Make use of a captivating image: Photos showing individuals utilizing a product often outperform photos of the product alone, and both outperform logos in general.

  • Set a deadline for yourself: Allow individuals a few days to find and claim your offer, as well as time for it to be spread among friends. An offer should last at least 7 days.

  • Promote your offer by doing the following: Pin your offer's ad to the top of your Page after you've created it to help it stand out.


On the internet today, engagement and utility are best buddies.

The top two reasons for using interactive content, according to data from a research analysis by Content Marketing Institute and ion interactive, are

  • Engaging and 

  • Educating the audience.

The vast majority of experienced B2B marketers prioritize utility in their content marketing strategies. Tools, blog posts, video, infographics, downloadable instructions, mini-courses, helpful email sequences, webinars, and other forms of useful material could be used to engage potential clients.



And at last engage the audiences using those above mentioned strategies. 

  • A(sk) the questions.

  • Invoke E(xpression).

  • ProvideI(ncentives).

  • Make O(ffers).

  • Deliver U(tility).

By using all those above mentioned strategies and steps this will help you to increase more social media engagements on your facebook or any other social media platforms. And so then this will help you to gain more engagement and helps to reach more conversions.

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