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Pardarshi Accounting Software

Manual bookkeeping processes involve making a lot of mathematical calculations by hand. An incorrect calculation early on in the in the process could have a great impact on the end balance. Perfect Solutions was formed with this vision of benefiting accuracy by reducing or eliminating human errors in calculation.

Our accounting software is certified by IRD (Inland Revenue Department). We provide a user-friendly system that has unlimited user access with both online and offline licenses, what’s great is there is no need for any key device for a license even if it is online. Single and multi-system which is easy to backup and restore. Our system offers a copy master data facility along with import-export transactions. With Fifo method of stock input, purchasing vat, sales vat register has never been so easy


  • Auto interest calculation
  • Product-wise profitability
  • Pending Cheque entry system
  • Negative stock block and warning facility
  • Single and multiple finished products manufacturing management system
  • Stock current position display at entry time
  • Fifo method of stock input
  • Purchase vat, sales vat register
  • Above one lakh parties in a single filter
  • Cash basis and accrual basis accounting service facility
  • Easy to print setup
  • Billing detail print facility at ledger detail
  • Multiple selection facility at ledger summary
  • Auto maintain of Financial statement
  • Auto maintain the balance of trial while year-end
  • Without stock and ledger opening facility for year-end
  • Email facility
  • Staff management
  • Document renumbering facility
  • Batch and free qty management
  • Expiry and Breakage management
  • Production term facility
  • Import cost management
  • Customer and vendor aging
  • All ledger in a single page

Our system is also available in android mobile app and customizable according to your requirements.

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