Accounting Video Collection

Pardarshi Accounting Videos

Are you keen to know regarding accounting software and how it tends to work? If you answer is yes, go over to the section below and watch every episode we are able to share with you to learn step - by - step.
Through watching all of our video content, you will acquire every single concept for using accounting software and enjoy the benefit.
You'll also be able to enjoy the positive reviews from our satisfied software users.

0. Introduction to Pardarshi Accounting Software

1. Ledger Creation

2. Ledger Opening

3. Stock Creation

4. Stock opening

5. Purchase and sales condition

6. Billing numbering

7. Purchase bill

8. Sales bill

9. Purchase and Sales Analysis

10. Manufacture, bill of material and stock issue

11. Cheque transaction (Payment)

12. Cheque transaction (Received)

13. Cash transaction (Received)

14. Cash transaction (Payment)

15. Journal Voucher

16. Staff records

17. Shortcut keys

18. Vendor ageing and Customer ageing

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