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Designing a website is the first and foremost step in establishing a business online. On one hand, a good looking responsive website is a must-have for a business whereas it is equally important
to get your business visible in this competitive internet market on the other hand. It is therefore essential to create an attractive, user-friendly, responsive, and optimized website for your business, and that's what we called a Seo-friendly web design. User experience is the most important thing in a website design these days.

So, What is a Seo friendly website? And why is it important?

A Seo-friendly website refers to a website that is simple, easy to navigate, crawlable, indexable and hence a complete user and search engine-friendly. You might ask me why one should bother about all these things. Isn’t a good looking website
enough for my business? Well, it’s not. A website has no importance until it can be found by users on the web. Even if your website is highly designed & interactive, it’s still of no use until one can find it. Since a website is built for the audience, not for ourselves, it is always important that the website shouldbe both user & search-engine friendly. Having that much said, Let me move on to the Importance of SEO friendly web design for your
awesome business.

Importance of Seo friendly design

Seo-friendly websites are the latest trend in the web industry and it has been creating a buzz in these recent years. Because of such high demand in this competitive market, You can imagine how important and beneficial it is to have an SEO-friendly website for your awesome business.

So, here I present the lists of benefits and importance of having a Seo-friendly web design for your business:
1) Seo-friendly websites are ideal for both users and search engines because they have a perfect crawlable site structure for search engines and are attractive & easy to navigate for users.

2) An Seo-friendly website can ensure that your business is reaching the right audience through unique keywords and audience research & analysis.

3) It helps create a credible brand for your business as you create your website taking care of your audience and their needs.

4) It insists on creating a Responsive and user-friendly website which is again a good sign of business growth.

5) An Seo-friendly website can help increase the traffic of a website as it focuses on keyword-targeted Meta setup and content.

6) An Seo-friendly website helps minimize any kind of Google penalty because it is more concerned about webmaster guidelines and avoids any kind of black hat SEO practices like keyword stuffing, content duplication, and link farming.

7) Seo-friendly websites help you compete with the rival competitors by its competitor’s research and analysis.

8) Seo-friendly websites provide improved sales and business performance. Thus, with little investment, you are able to get maximum benefits and profits, resulting in a better ROI for your business.

9) SEO-Friendly websites can boost your sales and increase your profits, bring new customers to your business and retain the existing ones. It can also provide you with multiple ways of promoting your products online so that you can reach your targeted audience and potential customers in a more effective manner. With all these benefits, an SEO-friendly site helps you grow and expand your business.

SO, These were the topmost importance of SEO-friendly web design in today’s market. It’s 2018 & now a website is not going to be enough; you need an SEO-friendly web design for your business now. Comment your suggestions on what you think about this latest trend in web design. Let me know if you have any questions related to the latest web design trend in 2020.

Basic Understanding of SEO Procedure

- Website Audit

We will fully analyze the website to figure out technical & non-technical SEO issues)

- Competitor’s Analysis

We will perform Competitor’s analysis on the Top 5 competitors of your business.

On-site SEO
- Keyword Research

Finding the best keywords that people would be probably searching for your business niche.

- Meta Setup
Setting up Meta Title, Descriptions & other Tagsyou’re your webpages based on the keyword research

- Analytics & search console-setup
It will help us analyze the web traffic based on Audience, Locations, demographic, Interest & user behavior and send you the Monthly report.

- Robots.txt & XML setup ( These are technical SEO Setup which is a considerable factor for Google ranking)

- Directory Listing ( Creating your business profile in various Local & International Directories in your business niche. It will help your website stand out of the crowd)
- Google My Business Page Creation
- Social setup ( It will increase the user engagement for your blog.)
- 404 Error Page
- Broken Link check ( Broken link is a very bad signal for SEO. So, we will make sure that no broken link is present. If found, we will make a quick fix.
- Guest blogging ( Posting blogs in different high-quality relevant blogs in your niche. This will build your brand authority in your business niche. It will also help you create a brand and present yourself as an expert in the online community.)
- Article writing ( Writing articles for your own blog. This will increase user engagement for your blog and can also be used as an important customer acquisition strategy).

Off-site SEO ( Promoting your website online)
- Backlinks
- Social bookmarking (Stumbleupon, Reddit, Digg)
- High DA backlinking ( 50+ DA Baclinks; Good For SEO)
- URL backlinking 
- Forum Posting ( Posting Articles on various Forums)
- Blog commenting (Commenting answers on various relevant blogs.)

Content Marketing
- Blogging
- Quora, Yahoo answer, Medium & Reddit marketing
- Guest post writing

What do we do?


1. *Keyword Research
2. Google Business, Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter Business Page Creation
3. Google Search Console
4. Meta Data & Content Optimization
5. XML Sitemap, Robots.txt Validation
6. Google Local & Maps Registration
7. Bing, Yahoo Listings & YELP

1. Competitors’ Website Keywords
2. Link Analysis
3. Location Targeting

Domain level link authority features


1. Search Engine Submissions
2. High Domain Authority General Directory Submissions
3. Niche Directory Submissions
4. High Domain Authority Link Building
5. Off-Site Blog & Forum Posts

1. SEO Content Articles
2. Social Media Analytics
3. Stock Footage Motion Video & Syndicated Distribution
4. Press Release Writing & Distribution


1. Google Ads Search
2. Google Ads & Display Ad Network
3. Banner Ad Designs
4. YouTube & Bing
5. Outbound Email Marketing
6. Newsletter Design

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