Google Reveals Why “How-To Contents Are Winning Over The Internet”

With the invention of WWW in 1989, the internet has always been a fascinating place for the young generation. Whether it comes to Information, communication, learning or entertainment. The internet has Proved to be an all-in-one platform for people.

The Internet has totally changed the way we used to think about business. With the development of internet technology, there came an existence of digital marketing which grew to be one of the greatest innovations for marketers and business owners.

With the advancement in search and modification in various search algorithm, search engines now prefer relevant and answer-oriented web pages for a better ranking. Moreover, users tend to look more for informational articles rather than sales crafted pushy articles.

People are now hungry for knowledge & information than ever before. They even tend to buy a certain product or service only after gaining complete knowledge & information. Because of the large competition over the web, People generally research to their fullest before making any purchasing decisions.

While conducting a review by Google, 86% of the viewers told that they regularly turned to youtube to learn something new.

Research also revealed that How-to videos earned the most attention of any content category on youtube.

From the below list we can see that 65% of the users view youtube to help fix something whereas 56% view youtube to learn something new.

From this data, we can conclude that people no longer for youtube for entertainment only.

This suggests that the informational content rules not only for the text articles but equally for the videos as well.

There are many reasons why this form of content is winning over the web:

1) Provides Information:
A how-to content is crafted primarily for providing useful informations, tips and tricks on a specific topic. Having information rich contents influence users to appreciate and share among others too.This provides informations and promote your business at the same time.

2) Creates Brand authority:
By providing informations and knowledge on a specific topic, you leverage your expertise in that particular field which help you earn credibility among your readers. This ultimately helps to create brand and authority for your business.

3) Educate readers:
People over the internet are hungry for knowledge & informations these days. Gone are the days when majority of the people used internet only for entertainment. People these days tend to use internet more for gaining knowledge & information as well.

How-To content is the best form content for providing knowledge, informations, tips & tricks over a specific topic and is therefore highly eligible for sharing and promoting over the web.

4) Inspires purchasing decision:
People research about the products as far as they can before making any purchasing decision these days. Instead of promoting your products with a direct sales pitch, it is more effective to promote a product by providing information on how your product can solve their problem.

This is the main mantra of many marketers these days. First educate your readers about your products and then tell them how your product can solve their problem.

Customers don’t want to listen about you or your products. They only want to hear how you can solve their problem. This is where the importance of How-To content kicks in.

For Instance Make Up For Ever, A cosmetic brand created a how-to driven ad campaign with videos like “How to Highlight and Contour for Black Women,” which they served before relevant how-to makeup tutorials.

As a result, Make Up For Ever Ultra HD, the product used in the tutorial, saw an overall lift in brand recall of 44% and an 18% lift in organic product-related searches. The brand also increased its YouTube subscriber count by 11% in a single month.

These were the top reasons why How-To contents are winning over the internet. Whether it is text article, infographics or videos, How-To contents always perform the best when it comes to user engagement and click through rate.

So, It is always recommended to execute your content strategy with an objective of educating your readers rather than direct sales pitching for product promotion.

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