Here Is How You Can Build Your Brand & Authority Through Content Writing

Content Writing is one of the most important parts of Digital Marketing.  You must have heard that Content is king. I will tell you exactly what that means.

In order to rank better for a particular keyword, you need a considerable amount of backlinks. Apart from that, you need to make sure that you have got contents that can satisfy the searcher’s answers for a particular search query.

This means that content marketing is the process of writing contents for the user and promoting it in various places on the web.


1)    Content writing can leverage your brand.

2)    Content helps to communicate with your users.

3)    It provides additional descriptions & features for your products or services.

4)    Good Contents can help you build Authority in your niche.

5)    Content can help you increase your sales by driving traffic to your website.

Now, You must have known why Content writing is the important part of Internet marketing, I would like to list some basic concepts for a better content writing.

First of all:

a) Determine your audience.

b) Research on what they are looking for (from Google, Reviews on E-commerce, Magazine, etc)

c) Focus on their pain points/problems

d) Provide the answer/solution/information

e) Explain how you can be the best solution for their problem.(build trust and authority and then tell them why you are unique)


Content writing is all about writing for the user in such a manner that they would get complete information at a single place.


–    After finding the pain points, search for the answer both online & offline.

–    you will get the information pieces scattered around.

–    All you need to do is to collect that information; note them down, and write a complete series of information at a place in a convincing manner in order to fulfill the search query of a user.

–    Don’t try to manipulate search engine algorithm. Instead just write naturally and then optimize for keywords. just write for the users; not for the search engine.

When you are giving satisfactory information on a certain topic, you are educating others and thus building authority.


The main objective of a search engine is to display the most accurate, relevant and informational webpage (out of all those millions of page) against a specific search query.

So if you want to be displayed in the front, your webpage must be relevant, accurate and informational. This also creates an authority for your websites.


Best Practices

After determining the pain points:

a) Write in details about the problem your prospect is facing.

b) Relate yourself or anybody with that problem and emphasize the situation.(storytelling)

c) Provide them the best solution for that problem .and explain how your service can be the best solution for that

d) Summarise the whole thing and make the reader socialize on your blog(comments, subscribe, etc)

e) Don’t forget linking out to other pages. Use anchor text wisely.

After publishing content:
1) Market your content in various social networks like facebook, google plus, Reddit, Pinterest, Twitter, etc
2) Make other different forms of that content and market accordingly..(video, infographics, webinar, whitepaper, e-book)
3) repurpose your content
4) create backlinks only on the relevant websites.

This is how you can get the best out of your contents. Always write unique & fresh contents consistently.

Happy Writing!


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