Is Artificial Intelligence Gonna Be The Biggest Thing in 2018? Scientists To Research AI Safely

Artificial Intelligence has been one of the biggest invention of the decade. It has completely changed the way we thought about programming & its capability.

Just put some pieces of code into a machine and it can work for you as long as you want with full accuracy

Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Yeah, That’s the power of AI.

It all started in 1950, when Claude E. Shannon, a mathematician at Bell Laboratories developed a program for chess playing by machine. And the technology has never stepped back since then.

AI have been in use in almost every major industries in the world. Whether it is farming, manufacturing, Medical field, marketing or Designing; AI has been in the action.

We have seen AI rolling in for game playing, speech recognition, language processing, expert system, computer vision and heuristic classification.

We can imagine the growing Trend of AI by taking a note on Global AI commercial Financial Trend which indicates that The volume of funding has grown 3 times in the last four years.

Global AI Business Trend 2017

Besides, The various applications of AI till 2017 includes:

1 ) Error Reduction
AI is being used to reduce any kind of human error that could cause because of some human Limitations.

Ex: Space exploration: Intelligent robots are oftenly fed with information and are sent to explore space. Having metals used for in their body structure, robots are way more resistant able to endure the space and hostile atmosphere.

2) Difficult Exploration:
Robots has been in use for mining and other fuel exploration process.They are also being used in ocean floor and hence overcoming the human limitations. Moreover, It is programmed to perform tasks repeatedly and can do to any extent which human beings are not capable of.

3) Day-to-Day Application:

You might have been using AI and still don’t know about it. Wait, I am not kidding.
We have our own assistant as SIRI & CORTANA in our devices. We are used to GPS technology for driving. Smartphone in an apt and every day is an example of how we use artificial intelligence. We have been seeing chats bots integrated in web development services.

We can see various applications correcting the human errors in spelling these days. That is machine intelligence at work. Another example of AI can be social media’s ability to detect and process images while tagging photos.

4) Digital Assistants:
We can see highly advanced organizations using virtual assistant with avatar which are kinda human replicas or digital assistants which are designed to interact with the users, and therefore saving the need of human resources to some extent.

The most important aspect is “The complete absence of the emotional side, makes the robots think logically and take the right program decisions.”

5) Repetitive Jobs:
Human beings can get bored of repeated jobs but not AI. They are programmed to execute all those repeated jobs repeatedly forever. Their speed and time are calculation based parameters only.

We can simply site the examples of digital games. When we play a computer game or operate a computer-programmed robot, we are infact interacting with artificial intelligence. The computer is our opponent in In the game we are playing.The system intelligence determines the game movement in response to our movements. We can consider gaming to be the most common use of the benefits of artificial intelligence.

6) Medical Applications:
Artificial Intelligence is highly applicable in Medical industry as well. Medical professionals are often trained with the artificial surgery simulators. It can detect & monitor neurological disorders as it can simulate the brain functions.

Robotics has also been used in helping mental health patients overcome depression and remain active. A popular application of artificial intelligence is radiosurgery. Radiosurgery has been used in operating tumors and this can actually help in the operation without damaging the surrounding tissues.

Every invention has their own advantages and disadvantages and same is the case with AI as well. With so many buzzes and rumors about AI out there in the world, One might be scared of it. Wait…

Don’t believe those shitty Hollywood movies.

They are not much realistic when it comes to AI. We have seen robots taking over the world in many movies and that makes me laugh like crazy. It all depends, my friend. Nobody has seen the future but we have not reached to that extent yet. We are still under the advancement of this technology.

It’s 2018 and we might see few major advancement in AI this year too. With Uber excited about their Driverless cars and Amazon willing to deliver the product via drone; we can imagine few big players like them might be coming out with some surprise products on AI.

However, AI and robotics will not only improve the way we think or live our lives, but also explores new horizons, whether the space or the ocean. As the age old saying goes, the necessity is the mother of all innovations, so it is with AI also. Humans are getting increasingly better in defining their wants and quickly transforming this want into reality. Things will happen so fast that we will not notice the minor changes and will be easily adaptable to the change it brings to us.

Scientists to Research AI Safely


Computer scientist Peter Abbael of the University of California says “that robots will be able to keep us much safer from destruction in near future”. It will help us in taking care of the old without tiring out and hence human beings will enjoy independence for a longer period. He predicts that AI can help us in drastically reducing traffic accidents. It can bring such incidents to zero if developed properly.

Shimon Whiteson believes that man and computer are not separate; they are in fact a single cognitive unit.

Yoky Matsuoka has a unique example of AI benefit. Suppose a human being loses a limb. Now he has been given an artificial limb. Just imagine the wonders AI can do to the person if the limb can be operated through machine intelligence. Things that the human being is not able to perform on his own anymore are performed by the machine intelligence and he is able to enjoy the fruits as if he is performing the act. Wonderful, isn’t it?

Thomas Dietterich is absolutely fascinated by the idea of the combination of human and artificial intelligence. He believes that machine intelligence in future can give us augmented sensory abilities like extended vision or ability to hear. He coins a term ‘exoskeleton’. He believes, this will help us to walk around even when our bones are weak when we are old. Your eyes and ears fail you but AI helps you to continue to hear and see.

Stuart Russell believes that all the problems that we encounter including that of climate change can be addressed with the help of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence magnifies the human intelligence and it can only take this human civilization forward and not backward. It can predict an environmental catastrophe and help us act fast, cure a disease or even help us eliminate poverty.

“The sky is the limit” – says Oren Etzioni, CEO of Allen institute of artificial intelligence. Everything that human beings have contemplated starting from space exploration to finding solution to the deadly Ebola, could have been more documented and tractable with the impact of artificial intelligence. AI will document the footprints of human developments.

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