5 Mantras To Build a Profitable Online Store

Online store or E-commerce can be imagined as an online website where goods or services can be sold over the Internet. Since the birth of Internet, Many entrepreneurs have started their online store in dreams of being a millionaire overnight but Most of them have failed.

The reason could be many, but the primary reason for most of them was a lack of patience & poor focus in Digital marketing. They just build the store & expected money to flow into their bank accounts. Sorry, my friends But that’s not the way thing work. You gotta be dedicated & passion full about your word. And Most importantly, You need to do it the right way.

You might ask me, ”So, What’s the right way?”
Alright, Let me present you the 5 Mantras of building a profitable online store.

1) Build an E-commerce website:

It is the first & foremost step in building an online store. To promote your business online, You gotta have an e-commerce website which is capable of product integration and complete online shopping management.

The main objective of online shopping is to save time and provide users a hassle free shopping experience.
Hence, you must follow certain criteria while designing a website to make it a pleasant experience for the user.

Best Practices:

a) Make your website easy to navigate.

b) Create category wise product navigation to for a better user experience.

c) Use Optimized Product images.

d) Provide a complete description of your products.

e) Avoid using large images, Flash files, and More JavaScript files.

2) Create a solid Meta setup:

Meta setup is the process of setting title, Description, heading and alt tags for your web pages.
This is the most important part of On-site SEO.
In order to implement meta setup, You need to first determine your audience on the basis of products you are going to sell.
For example: If your products are baby toys, Your probable audience would be 25-50 married men & women.
After you determine your audience, You need to figure out which keywords you want to rank for.
For the above product in California, We would definitely like to rank for keywords like “baby toys in California”, “buy baby toys”, etc.

Once we have determined our keywords, now it is time to place those keywords carefully in our page title & Meta description in a natural way.
It is also recommended to use your keywords in heading and image alternate tags.

3) Create Business listings & Backlinks

After you have designed your e-commerce websites with complete meta setup and contents, It’s now time to list your online store to various Local & International directories. This is a very important step in order to increase your online visibility.
These are some of the directories that you must consider while listing your website:

– Google

– Bing

– Yahoo!

– Yelp

– Facebook

– LinkedIn


– Whitepages


– Yellowbook

– CitySearch

– MapQuest/Yext


– Foursquare

– CitySlick


– Discover Our Town

– EZ Local

– Kudzu

– Manta

– Yellowee

– MojoPages

– Brownbook

– Magic Yellow

– CitySquares

– TripAdvisor


– Home Advisor

– ShowMeLocal

– Brownbook

– InsiderPages

4) Content Marketing

Content marketing is the backbone of digital marketing. This is the best thing you can do to increase your online visibility & rank your website. Once you are done with keyword research & analysis, It is time to focus on content
Creation with respect to your keywords.
While creating contents for your website, You must follow these steps:

a) Create contents for your users not for the search engines.

b) Create user-friendly optimised contents.

c) Always create unique contents routinely. Avoid content duplicacy.

d) Focus on simple, easy to understand, & natural contents. Avoid Keyword stuffing.

e) Create contents that would add value to your readers.

f) Maintain the content marketing strategy and create content for every funnel of your sales page.

You may like to promote your content through blogger outreach. Learn how to do guest post outreach   and get your website more links from other high quality sites.

5) Social Media Presence
As About 2.3 billion of the world’s population are active on social media with 207 million active users alone in the US,We can clearly assume how big the social media market is today. With such a drastic change in the technology,You must ensure that you are following the trend and are active on the relevant social network for the growth of your business.

Having this much said, I would like to enlist some major benefits of being online and the importance of social media marketing in general:

1) More than half of people on the planet are active on various social media. So you must hang out there to get your voice heard by them.

2) Social media can help in promoting your business and services online.

3) It can also play a vital role in Brand management.

4) Social Media can be effectively used as a customer relation management (CRM) tool if done correctly.

5) Social media marketing is the most cost-effective form of marketing in the modern world.

6) We can heavily use social media for any brand awareness campaign.

7) Social media marketing can be used at every stage of sales funnel.



After implementing these 5 Mantras for your awesome online store, You will likely start seeing the magic of digital marketing.
Continue link building strategies & Content marketing and you will definitely see an enormous growth in your business.

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So, These were the 5 mantras to build a profitable online store. If you would like to add any suggestions or thoughts, Feel free to comment below.

Happy Reading!

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